Trippin' Balls - 300mg THC - Strawberry Cookies & Cream

(30 customer reviews)

Cookies and Cream white chocolate covered Strawberry Gummies

12 balls per bag

300mg THC per bag

30 reviews for Trippin’ Balls – 300mg THC – Strawberry Cookies & Cream

  1. GP

    Taste good and the effects even better!

  2. Joao

    By far the best tasting edible I have tried!!!

  3. Gus

    Excellent taste!

  4. Neil Y.

    I underestimated these bite sized morsels.. I ate a few when I first got them (they were just so tasty), and I spent the rest of my night on my couch watching Friends on Netflix. I must have watched a whole season that night…

  5. Julian

    Gummies covered with chocolate..

  6. Douglas

    The best!

  7. Jonas

    These are incredibly delicious!

  8. Marco

    I gave my coworker 3 of these and he said he felt he was flying on another planet driving on his way back to home

  9. Travis

    Never get disappointed to try these Trippin Balls!!!!!

  10. Jess

    Loved the flavour!

  11. Rickie

    Good edibles!

  12. Rene

    My favourite purchase lately.

  13. Oliver

    excellent consisten dosage

  14. Richard

    The Trippin Balls taste great and the high lasts along time, definitely worth buying.

  15. Cristina

    So goooood! I’m a big fan of trippin balls, they are so strong!
    I got so high when I take these that I can sleep all night long!

  16. Gianna

    I liked the effect I was kinda hoping the size of the balls were bigger 🙁

  17. Robert

    Trippin balls are amazing!
    Every time when I eat these I have so much fun.
    Totally recommended!

  18. Patrick

    Fair price for these strong edibles.

  19. Carla

    Trippin balls are my favorites!!!

  20. Boris

    Great stuff, my favourite edibles.

  21. Lauren

    Amazing edibles, my number one so far.

  22. Mackenzie

    I love get420now they genuinely care about the customers and their needs

  23. Luna

    The combination of strawberry with cookies and cream is so good and the effects of these trippin balls are just what I needed for a nice fun “wine night” wit my friends

  24. Peter D.

    I could spend $10 to get two 5mg gummies from a dispensary.. or I could spend $30 and get 12 pieces 5 times the potency, delivered right to my door. The white chocolate pairs so nicely with the strawberry gummy – these are now my favourite goto edible.

  25. Jodie V

    these gummies had me LMAO last Saturday
    Can I have 300 more bags please?

  26. Holly

    Amazing product

  27. Jack H.

    I mean. It’s all right there in the name. These send me into orbit!

  28. Loraine

    Went camping and took this tripping balls, it was a unique experience!

  29. Jessica

    Great product and delivery service.

  30. Elena

    By far my favorite edible

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White chocolate covered Strawberry Gummies

12 balls per bag

300mg THC per bag


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